This is us...

Laura and Jocelyn, both yoga teachers, personal growth coaches, and Licensed Desire Map Facilitators, sparked their friendship and partnership during their 500 hour training at YogaWorks. Their shared love of connection and collaboration led to the creation of Shinetribe, an ever-expanding tribe of unique souls dedicated to being brave and becoming their shiniest selves, knowing they are more brilliant and badass together. Shinetribe offers workshops and retreats, both locally in Los Angeles and internationally.


Shinetribe: The Conversation

LC: What are you proud of?

JS: My sobriety, my beautiful daughters, my life long friendships, my commitment to justice.


LC: What did you want to be when you grew up?

JS: President or a famous singer covering only Olivia Newton-John and Neil Diamond.


LC: What was your most mind-blowing moment?

JS: Holding my daughters for the first time. Beyond.


LC: What are your core desired feelings?

JS: Powerful. Aligned. Clear. Free.


LC: When do you feel most powerful?

JS: Mile 6 of a 10 mile run.


LC: What do you need everyday?

JS: Strong coffee, a good sweat and love.


LC: How would you describe me in 3 words

JS: Infectious. Authentic. Alive.

JS: What makes you happy?

LC: A good sweat, getting cozy, exploring new places and people.


JS: What is your dream retreat location?

LC: Pretty much anywhere with a white, sandy beach, clear water and YOU!


JS: What are your core desired feelings?

LC: Light. Alive. Impactful. In the flow. Free. Early. Accomplished.


JS: What brings you peace?

LC: A deep breath, a real conversation, anything nature.


JS: What are you learning?

LC: What truly holding space means, to get comfortable when others are uncomfortable.


JS: When do you feel most self expressed?

LC: When I get a really great night of sleep and I wake up and dance around the living room!


JS: How would you describe me in 3 words

LC: Kind. Champion. Wise.