I don’t feel like it!

It’s 4pm on a Wednesday.  I have the babysitter babysitting the baby (which is not cheap by the way, which by the way, Jenna, if you are reading this, you are worth EVERY penny and I freaking love you).  

I have rocked my time management goal and put everything I want to do that fuels my dreams on my calendar.

One of my dreams is to raise the level of consciousness on the planet through my coaching practice and make a badass living doing it.

So, my calendar alerts me that it is time to write my newsletter.


I would rather do like 746 other things. Like check facebook. Get a snack. Call my hubs. Look at pics of baby.

My brain thinks things like: You can do it later. You’ll probably have a better idea later. What if you just checked insta for like 10 minutes, it’d be fine, you can still get it done. You could get like 6 things done in the time it takes to write a newsletter. What if I promise to do it tonight?


It is like there is a toddler throwing a temper tantrum inside my head.

But here I am. Writing the newsletter.

Because you know what? I want my dream. Super bad. And writing this newsletter is one little task that ladders up to the big goal.  I don’t want to be at the end of my life looking back at what could have been. Looking back at what I didn’t do because “I didn’t feel like it”. What a suck ass reason to not do what we are meant to do.

So I let the thought be there, that I don’t feel like it. I feel the discomfort in my body. And then I remember my dream and I go to work anyway.

And now as I write this it has shifted. Right now it feels amazing.

Whether we go for our dreams or not, sometimes it is gonna feel amazing and sometimes it is gonna suck.