The Big News: [hint] get your knit on.

Happy Spring!

 In case you haven’t noticed, I have been hibernating. Not because I am lazy, not because of all of the rain, not because I am a bear, it’s because I am pregnant!  And the fatigue is real people and I am fully leaning into it! When I am not in my cocoon napping, I am basically being really really really excited that we are having a baby!

I am obsessed with discussing my cravings and symptoms with other pregnant friends, eating a lot of carbs and researching the best mamaroos, wumbanums, and nuna thingy dingys. But mostly I am just thrilled to be bringing a miraculous new life into this awesome big world!  So that’s where I have been!

It feels a touch sweeter because this baby could not have been more on purpose!  We’ve known we wanted to make a babe for a little while now and I chose to approach this big life decision like I do most other things in life; with some hustle and hard work, a little bit of magic, manifestation and full surrender (easier said than done!)!

So when several months had passed and it wasn’t happening -- mostly due to to my husbands crazy travel schedule but also some just flat out misses, I first got really freaking frustrated and then I got clear on what I was in control of and what I could let go of.  Here is what we/ I did:

  1. Big talk with husband. Amidst many tears on my part, we agreed this travel thing was too much of a barrier and that he would have a chat with his boss. Which literally resulted in my husband saying, “Sorry, I can only go out of town one night, my wife is ovulating this week”. Honesty is the best policy?
  2. Went to acupuncture (check out “Look Who’s Shining”), which was totally kismet because one morning I was journaling on the positives of being early -- a current goal of mine, which led me to be early for yoga, which led me to strike up a conversation with an acquaintance about her acupuncture career and I was surprised to learn that she had recently opened her own practice and specialized in fertility! So this all led me to think this is meant to be, so I went!
  3. Did all the things, the sticks, the apps, the herbs from said acupuncturist, the list goes on but I will spare you!
  4. Found ways to love my current unpregnant life the way it was, thoughts of wine, being super active and making fun weekend plans all helped!
  5. Meditate, journal, visualize, vision board and look for signs! That lucky horseshoe must mean our baby is on its way!

This was our perfectly imperfect and very summarized path to the creation of ‘lil’ baby babe’. It reminds me that I do have to put work in, like having hard conversations, researching ways to make a welcoming home for a fetus and drinking nasty ass herbs.  It reminds that I can create magic around what I want, like meditating, journaling and writing letters to our future baby. And most importantly that when I have done all I can possibly do I surrender, as my sweet southern friend Kimberly says, “Give it up to God!”!!!