You are just like a 5 year old

Shinetribe! Hi!

Happiest of Holidays!!!  If you know me well you know I am a sucker for anything holiday, from Mariah, to all the presents, to as many sequins as possible, to Buddy the Elf, and too much sugar!  It brings out the child in me in every way, which I believe is the best way to live throughout the entire year.

One of the best gifts I received this month was from my yoga teacher, Patti, when she said to me at the end of class, “You are just like a 5 year old!”. At first I was taken aback but quickly, I fully received it as the compliment that it was.  She explained that she loved my enthusiasm, curiosity and uninhabited nature.
And so, it has been my intention to continue to live with that child-like spirit throughout the holidays with the hopes that it is contagious!

I fully believe and teach that our process is about an undoing versus a doing.  A return to our Selves by removing whatever it is that holds us back. And in celebration of the winter solstice it is the perfect time to look at our darkside, whether it be fear, shame, doubt, etc., with the intention to understand our ‘dark’, so that we can accept it, move through it and un-do.

I treat the new year as an accountant would in March, it is my busy season and I am open for business so we can collectively un-do, be our true selves, all while laughing all the way.

Practice these to be 7 again:

  1. Be in wonder. The fake snow at The Grove. The foam on your latte. Your bffs quirky smile.
  2. Let your excitement out. An unexpected gift. An miraculous parking spot.
  3. Greet your humans more enthusiastically. Bigger hugs. More eye contact.
  4. Cry when you want to cry. Let it out.
  5. Be silly. Tickle fight anyone?
  6. React with humor when you normally would not have.
  7. Get back up + brush yourself off faster. Figuratively too.
  8. Skip. Triple dare you.
  9. Eat a grilled cheese sandwich. Or three.
  10. Play outside. Throw the football. Ride your bike. Freeze Tag.