Sh$t Storm Strategies

This yogi’s five strategies to moving through a sh$t storm. Political or otherwise

This past election cycle and the ensuing results have been cause for discord, division and unrest, regardless of political position. Many of us have had our core feelings and belief systems in the world and humanity deeply shaken. While we may want (and need) to pull the covers for a few days, when we ultimately rise, what are our strategies to move through this with as much grace and wisdom as possible?

  1. Feel all the feelings. All of them. For as long as you need to. Don’t let anyone tell you when your time to feel and/or grieve is over. There is no right or wrong way to move through grief and sadness. But we can all agree that the only way out is through. If the feelings are frightening, scary, ugly, whatever – feel them all, without avoidance.
  2. Journal/Process. Pick up a pen and old school style, write it all down. All the feelings, the fears, the sadness, the madness, the frustration. Once it’s all written down, pause. Take a moment and then pick the pen back up and write this: “I ask that all of these fears and resentments be removed so that I can be of greatest service to myself, my family, my community, humankind.” Or something like that that feels authentic to you.
  3. Music. Play a super sad or motivating song REALLY LOUD and dance and scream it at the top of your lungs – in your car, in your living room, on headphones on a run. Anywhere. Never underestimate the power of music to help you move through the feelings.
  4. Stop looking at your device. Turn off the news and get outside. Absolutely stay informed, but don’t obsess. Take a run. Go to your favorite yoga class. Even better, get into nature and take a hike. This beautiful world is continuing to spin, so take some time to breathe in some beauty and take some deep breaths.
  5. Make your own personal action plan. This step is key. We don’t just get upset, process through all of the feelings, only to go back to business as usual. Be mindful and do the self study necessary to create your own personal, authentic action plan. Be of service. Research places you want to volunteer with or support through donation. Collaborate and strategize with others who share your point of view, or even better, those who do not to foster understanding. Bridge gaps. Have the hard conversations. Get out of your status quo comfort zone and actually be the change you want to see in the world. Don’t just post it on Instagram; actually do it. Make yourself a list of five things that YOU can do to make the world a better place. THEN DO THEM.